Bryan Duff

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I'm a Chicago comedian who performs with Improvised Shakespeare and Baby Wants Candy. I've previously played with Cards Against Humanity and I've performed a few solo shows at the Chicago Sketchfest. My comedy's also been featured in the American Bystander, the Austin Comedy Film Festival, and McSweeneys.

I moved to the big city with nothing but a suitcase and a dream.

Now I have a suitcase.

Commercial work.

Due to what only could be a series of errors, I have never been cast in any of these.

You can find my acting reel here.


My girlfriend told me not to use this photo.

Mr. Mainframe

2017 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival,
2017 Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, "Most Original Concept" nominee

Wheelchair Werewolf
Written/Directed Joe Avella

"a retro gem" - the New York Times


A parody libertarian vlog that became a lot less fun after the 2016 election

Website | Facebook

If you really want to see more


for the stage

Trash Boy! The Musical

A musical about a boy made of garbage!Co-writer/ensembleFull musical, Annoyance Theater


A guy tries to break up with his girlfriend but he keeps getting attacked by owls.Writer/DirectorOne act play, Annoyance Theater

Two-Man Hamlet

Two dudes. One hour. The greatest play of all time.Three stars from the Chicago TribuneChicago Reader recommendedThe Public House Theater, promo


Hey here's something that really matters: I wrote a TV pilot. I figured everyone was going to want to read it so that's why I put it on here. Otherwise I'll probably just keeping sending it around to my friends who are new parents or just started good jobs.

Fletchers in the Chi

Satirical home and lifestyle vlog

Directed/edited, co-writer/lead

15 Minutes With Lincoln

A comedy/political podcast where I pretend to be the 16th President of the United States

Civil Minions

Teaching Civil War history, with the Minions

Deplorables Can’t Jump

Asking hardcore Trump supporters if they can dunk

Pizza Headshots

Getting feedback on my acting headshots from pizza places

the ones I've lost interest in


Wendigo Events

Immersive theater, sketch comedy, and live streams, all while posing as an events company.

The Business

We were described as "fearless," "inspired, absurd" by TimeOut Chicago and "all brains," by the Chicago Reader which is probably why the group desolved so it's members could apply to graduate school.